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 Mechanic - Birth Of The Mechanics

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PostSubject: Mechanic - Birth Of The Mechanics   Sat 08 Jan 2011, 9:53 am

Edelstein was a quiet mining village with a populace distinguished mostly by their knack with technology - especially robots. The people were prosperous, polite, and peaceful. Indeed, Edelstein is such a calm place that Explorers and Cygnus Knights hadn’t been seen there in hundreds of years.

Then the Black Wings revealed themselves.

The Black Wings are a secret cult dedicated to the resurrection of the Black Mage. They took over Edelstein, oppressing the populace into silence while working hard to resurrect their foul master. Their success was called the Big Bang. It was the day that the power of the Black Mage touched reality. For a brief instant, all of existence just winked out and when it returned, nothing was the same.

But the Black Wings’ arrogance may have sparked the seeds of their undoing. The Resistance is a rebellion launched by the citizens of Edelstein against the Black Wings – hiding as ordinary Edelstein citizens by day, by night a growing legion works to overthrow the Black Wings. Such is the power of the Black Wings, though, that even these new forces are not enough.

Janus –

We knew the Resistance would meet considerable difficulties, but I had never anticipated just how bad things would get. Recent reprisals against the population and particularly the Wild Hunters have hurt us badly. The Black Wings somehow discovered three supply caches in just the last few days and we’ve lost at least one hiding place where four of my fellow Hunters were. Despite the bravery of my comrades and the valor of your own Battle Mages, the Black Wings are proving to be too much for us. Fortunately, if these intercepted communications are to be believed, there may be some assistance in the offing. Even better, it’s coming from the last place we thought to look – in the hearts of our friends and neighbors!

To: Lux
From: Albin
Re: Last night’s fire

Lux – what in Maple World are your goons doing in that warehouse that burned down last night? I just spoke to a couple of the firefighters that answered the call and they said that they weren’t allowed to check the inside of the warehouse to make sure the fire was actually out! You and I both know that it doesn’t matter if a few of these Edelstein rubes get turned to cinders, but I’m not going to have this town burned down and our Lord’s plan exposed to the world because your secret police buffoons want to throw their weight around! Either you tell me what’s going on or I plan on making sure your promotion to deputy chief is VERY short.

To: Albin
From: Lux
Re: Last night’s fire

First, don’t threaten me, Albin. The fact that you outrank me on the Commission for Public Safety doesn’t mean I don’t have a few weapons ready. Second, I’m going to take you into my confidence because what we’re facing here threatens everything we’ve been working toward. That ”fire” wasn’t a fire, it was an explosion. Take a look at what we found in the place. Robotic footprints, rolled steel tubes, and shell casings. Does that suggest anything to you? It does to me. It suggests we’ve had a huge blind spot. We’ve been so worried about the Wild Hunters and the Battle Mages; we’ve missed the weapons that have been sitting around the whole time – the robots! The mining bots are so ubiquitous in this stinking town that nobody ever sees them! How much would it take to mount weapons on them?

To: Lux
From: Albin
Re: Last night’s fire

Seriously? Weapons mounted on mining bots? Wow, Lux. It sounds like you’re letting all that sneaking around in dark alleys go to your head. I don’t know exactly what you found in that warehouse, but it doesn’t sound half as interesting as the crazy train that’s running through your head. Are you telling me that a bunch of… Mechanics, are some kind of danger to the might of the Black Wings? Is this fairy tale your way of explaining why you can’t keep a lid on this town? How many Wild Hunters do we have crawling around in the hills out there? How many Battle Mages are still unaccounted for?

To: Lux
From: Albin
Re: Last night’s fire

The Hunter and Battle Mage situation is well in hand, thank you very much. I’m talking about the situation at the warehouse I think somebody’s connected the dots and is experimenting with the idea. It’s only the fact that one of their experiments seems to have gone wrong that clued us in before one of those mechanical monstrosities is lumbering down Main Street! Now do you see why I contacted you? You and I both know that that Edelstein is a powderkeg – literally. It was our responsibility to secure all of the mining equipment and explosives and make sure the populace was completely suppressed by the time we revealed ourselves. How would He feel about the fact that there’s unsecured material floating around that could be turned into weapons?

To: Albin
From: Lux
Re: Last night’s fire

Don’t try to shift the blame to me, Lux! You know that securing all explosives in a mining town is nearly impossible. We need to keep the mine operational to continue bringing in funds! How would you suggest the miners dig Rue out of the ground – with their fingers? Next you’ll tell me to shut off all the mining robots because some broken-down miner got a little creative in his spare time! Fine, I’ll just do that and you can explain to you know who why we haven’t made our monthly Rue quota. You just keep investigating your fire and chasing your imaginary Mechanics. I shall eagerly await your report to the Master while I continue to hunt his REAL enemies.

Could this be true, Janus? Could we have completely missed our fellow townsfolk working on a project like this? If so, these Mechanics could be the very thing we need to turn the tide! Please make some discreet inquiries amongst the townsfolk. The Resistance needs their help!

The Mechanics are ordinary citizens of Edelstein who will answer the call to greatness. Lacking the talent for magic of Battle Mages or the skill with jaguars and the crossbow that mark the Wild Hunters, the Mechanics must draw on their ingenuity to bolster the ranks of the Resistance. They will use their gifts with technology to create an army of robots. They will join the Wild Hunters and the Battle Mages and free their home from the forces of darkness!


• The Mechanic!

    Wielding handmade firearms from his seat within the experimental Mech prototype, the Mechanic will be transformed into an instrument of deliverance! No longer restricted by the confines of his body, the Mechanic becomes his true self - the iron army of the Resistance!

    - The Mechanic will aid his teammates with party buffs and healing

    - Move freely within a map using the Open Portal

    - Mechanics will be capable of dealing lots of damage when mounted, excel at quick vertical movement with a Rocket Booster and can even summon other robots to create a metal army

    The Mechanic is a well-balanced class that offers fun and challenge for new players and experienced veterans alike.


A courageous group of Edelstein freedom fighters have formed the Resistance against the Black Wings, but it’s not enough. Can you use your mechanical skills to help them in their struggle? Will you help write the next chapter of MapleStory?

- x3TheAran59 Administrator


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Mechanic - Birth Of The Mechanics

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