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 KMST 1.2.473 - Widescreen Resolution, Phantom & Mercedes Revamp

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PostSubject: KMST 1.2.473 - Widescreen Resolution, Phantom & Mercedes Revamp   Thu 14 Mar 2013, 3:26 pm

Korean Patch Note:

MapleStory Client Ver. 1.2.473 version has been released.

In this patch, the following were added.

<Game Related>
1. A new mode of boss monsters have been added. Van Leon Easy mode has been established. Easy mode from the conventional method of entry mode selection if Admission. In Easy mode, you'll be able to play on easy difficulty than the existing boss Clear normal mode Can be obtained with a low probability for the Reward.

- Easy mode and Normal mode the number of positions available. Easy mode when entering the normal mode position Impossible.

2. Levels of boss monsters has been adjusted.
- Hilla Summoned monster's stamina is down.
Characteristics and skill reduced Gila Health and Damage has been adjusted.
- Normal mode will drop a stone of eternal life.

3. Party members between the level difference was too large, if the party can not gain EXP.
- Applies if the minimum level and maximum level of party members differ by more than 41 a day.
- The same as 41 differ by more than a day, if you catch a monster bear party without hunting when the monsters Is proportional to the ratio of the damage inflicted to gain EXP.

4. Monster Carnival has been re-opened.
- 110 has been modified at the level of the user so that you can enjoy up to 130 level. Admission - up to 10 times per day. Existing position of a modification to the way Monster Carnival Invitation from the event reminder When you accept the quest Gathered more than six users are registered to the queue when the standby helps move the map.

5. Some party quests recommended use level has been changed.
- (Lv30 - Lv50) Moon Bunny
- (Lv70 - Lv100) Orbis Traces of the goddess
- (Lv70 - Lv100) Romeo and Juliet
- (Lv 90 - Lv110) Ice Knight's Curse
- (Lv110 - Lv130) EllinForest of Poison Fog
- (Lv100 - Lv130) Pirates Davy John
- (Lv120 - 250) Prison Escape
- (Lv140 - 200) Kenta
- (Lv 150 - 250) - Resurrection of the Hoblin King

6. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced to the positions of the party was divided Quest maps are integrated into one.
- Guesthouse syupigelman of the dimension of the mirror position can be
- Dragon Rider and tangyun cooking class party integrated map quest, you will be able to enter through.

7. Clear experience of some party quests have been adjusted upward.
- The first accompanied
- The Curse of the Ice Knight Pirates Davy John
- Hove resurrection of the Lord In peril Kenta

8. Mercedes phantom characters can be created once again.

9. The Phantom of the hyper-Mercedes and skill has been initialized.

10. Monster Park has been reorganized.

Added to the paper the new Park Monster Park in the interval 95-134 level can enjoy.
- 180-200 190-200 level upward, the difficulty of the 'fortress of the Templars' overall relocation Have been made.
- 200 Level of difficulty with the new Monster Park is slated to be added.

11. Soul Weapon to absorb the souls of monsters, weapons, items were introduced.
- Enchanter items weapons in Soul Soul Weapon weapons will change.
- Using the potential of the Soul and Soul of the boss monsters special skill to use Soul Weapon Will be able to
- Soul Enchanter can use weapons more than 75 levels.
- By hunting monsters, and all gathered behind Soul Soul have a special skill instruction (↓ ↓ ↑ ↑ attack key), or the skill of public By double-clicking the icon, you can use
- Enchanter monsters from the test server to acquire a piece of the soul, and soul of the lease Harbour and Henesys Can get through the Nemours Nemours Located NPC.

<Quest related>
1 Kai Leeum's cursed unravel the curse quests have been added.
- Kai cursed Leeum obtained Kai-year-old curse of Laurium dispel

2. Acquiring quests completed, cursed Kai Leeum Leeum cursed Kai exchange can not and can not decompose Alchemy Premium Scissors of Karma, and the state can not be used.

3. Below if you lose doing the quest to dispel the curse Leeum three Kai Kai cursed of the three Maclarium Quest Cursed by Kai Stellarium can find.
- Kai had lost three Maclarium?

1. Phantom
- About the Judgement AUTO / MANUAL (novice) skills have been added.
- About the Judgement buff skill can be set automatically and manually triggered.
- About the Judgement (1/2): Guardian card effect has been removed.
- Call of Fate (2): The maximum target number has been raised.
- Ultimate Drive (4): Damage skill use, movement speed limits were adjusted upward to avoid has been corrected.
Twilight Twilight (4): the target range has been extended.
- The Ultimate Drive - Fast Movement (Hyper) skill has been removed.
- The Ultimate Drive - Executive NOR guard (hyper) skills have been added.
- Rose carte Finale (Hyper): additional damage sustained during an attack skill that has been modified.
- Final balance of Judgement (hyper): Defense increase has been deleted.

2. Mercedes
- Strike Dual Shot (3) has been modified to give additional damage to stun monsters.
- High Kick Demolition (3): after casting skill has been modified to move in the air.
- Ishtar's Ring (4): range and damage has been adjusted upward.
- Defence resistant and Monster ERA (4): the probability of non-stationary brake has been modified to ignore.
- Ring of Ishtar - adware Range (hyper) skill has been deleted.
- Ishtar's Ring - LinkedIn Reinforced (hyper) skill has been removed.
- Ishtar's Ring - Executive NOR guard (hyper) skills have been added.
- Ishtar's Ring - Boss Killer (hyper) skills have been added.

<System related>
1. Feature has been added to the 'simple' Show tooltips item tooltips that can be displayed briefly.

- The system menu -> options -> Item Options 'simple' Show Tooltips check the features available Can.

- 'Simple' Show tooltips item, a summary of the status information is displayed, the summary of status information displayed on the right button Detailed tooltips are displayed while maintaining a click.

2. 1366 * 768 widescreen resolution, has been added.

- The system menu -> options -> select resolution 1366 * 768 resolution, if you enjoy the game in a more pleasant environment Can Graphics card 1366 * 768 resolution is not supported by the 1366 * 768 resolution on its menu is not visible.

3. Were able to use the methods to slip items.

Character Info button located on the left side of a message when you click the button 20 times per day in the year you can send a note to the Methodist Have been able Methods consume a message using 10,000 times per minute and you can not use more than three.
- Existing sold in the cash shop to slip an item you can use the same

<Items related>
1. Kai Leeum's cursed curse solving quests and the following items have been added.

- The spirit of the cursed horns

- (Lv. 150) hands sword: Cursed Kai Leeum

2. According to the re-opening of the Monster Carnival, the new items have been added to the paper. Item the same way as their existing

Shiny Maple Coins can be exchanged through the NPC syupigelman and has a unique set of effects.

- (Lv. 120) syupigelman of Cape of Strongsville

- (Lv. 120) syupigelman Strong Botha

- (Lv. 120) syupigelman stash Strong Weymouth

3. Rewards of some party quests have been added.

The shoulder decoration of Knight (Lv. 95) Ice

Chain crampons (Lv. 95) Ice Knight Seeker.

Common Debbie John's hat (Lv. 100)

Davy John's hat trite (Lv. 100)

(Lv. 125) Debbie greed of John's hat

(Lv. 100) Brilliant Altair Earrings

(Lv. 125) Kenta's new goggles

<Related events>
1. The event will celebrate the party quest revamp

- Event reminders via challenge! Three times a day, Party Quest Clear!> Quest and participate in the event can during the event, regardless of any kind of any Party Quest 3 times a day clear when you complete the quest rewards can be obtained.

2. Black Day event is in progress.

Reminders of events <[Black Day] Open your eyes! Solo bag! Quest may be able to participate in the event.

Couple monster hunting during the event, if you can get various rewards.

3. Solo daecheop the event is in progress.

Daily 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 o'clock in forty-two every Henesys Park fountain solo daecheop event is in progress.

Henesys at that time for your fountain 0 won solo bag jajangmyeon Buff] will be paid.

4. April attendance event.

- Performing day-to-day mission to catch a monster attendance seal can be obtained, depending on the number of attendance stamp, you may be entitled to compensation.

5. April Fool's Day event is in progress.

- April Fool's Day finds the scoop on seven can get the title.

- The inability to distinguish dream and reality, Cassandra Help

6. Loudspeaker events will proceed.
- When you purchase a keepsake of the little boy who cried wolf '' 'megaphone', the new items in the cash shop items or loudspeaker flow will be paid as a bonus.


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KMST 1.2.473 - Widescreen Resolution, Phantom & Mercedes Revamp

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