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 KMST 1.2.462 - More Xenon Changes

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KMST 1.2.462 - More Xenon Changes Empty
PostSubject: KMST 1.2.462 - More Xenon Changes   KMST 1.2.462 - More Xenon Changes Icon_minitimeThu 27 Dec 2012, 3:39 pm

Korean Patch Notes:

Ver. 1.2.462 has been released.
In this patch, the following were added.
<Game Related>
1 Xenon tutorial has been added.

2 To modify the lease of the harbor through the light-headedness Poppy Xenon some of the skills from the list of security, or if there is an error in the SP can Triangle formation (the former more than the car)
Multi-mode linker (2nd job or later)

3 Zeno's character card has been added.

4 AP stats of xenon automatic allocation has been changed.
Each chasubyeol multi-lateral skills for Dodge stance for STR, LUK, resistance and tolerance properties
Button automatic allocation of investment for yourself by clicking on the button to get the desired bonus for DEX
Investment can comfortably AP
- Stats of the three highest stats for each multi-lateral chasubyeol bonus for figures to achieve
Before the other two buttons are disabled.
If you do not use a button automatic allocation, the bonus may be late due to the multi-lateral

5 From now on, all of the former xenon can be done through the lease of the harbor rather than light-headedness Poppy Quest.

6 Witz system have been applied.
- Item Inventory Witz button or key setting from UI for shortcuts by setting Witz can open.
Mounted on the inventory of Crivitz Crivitz Case (installed) can be equipped with Witz.
Can achieve the effect of a set of items to collect a set of Crivitz.
For a smooth test from the test server Witz random box and leasing port of the light-headedness Poppy Witz Case
For sale.

<Quest related>
1 Xenon tutorial of the former and the story, quests have been added.
1) the plus supply Tutorial
- Can be done through the former car tracker

2) multi-mode linker tutorial
2nd job tracker can be done through

3), a former Quest
- Who am I (a former 100-level, 4)

4) Story Quest
- Rooty identity? (Level 70)
- Alchemist (Level 80) suggested
- This aura?
- Jenyu mist clues
- A clue to his homebase of furnace
- A broker who knows
- Bedin met
- Russell Ron's warning
- Reported (90 levels)
- Natanael secret research
- Beryl The purpose of the
- Encounter
- Reasons to hate
- Last fight (120-level)
- The human mind
- Find the lost memories (140-level)

5) 200 Reach level quests
- Welcome back

1 Xenon new skills have been added.
Multi-lateral VI (4): type the final strengthening of the multi-lateral investment directly to the AP stats achieved more than some number
If you obtain distinctive bonus stats. Stance strength, agility, immunity, Dodge permanently luck
Schedule if you achieve more than the figures rise by three stats jumyeo certain percentage of the total damage rise helps.
Reach level 200 when you can learn.

2 Xenon's skill has been adjusted.
Multi-lateral I, II, III, IV, and V : Strength bonus schedule figures achieved during the modification.
Multi-mode linker (beginners): multi-mode, invoking the linker changed to active skill. Now a multi-mode linker
Degree of skill using current multi-mode linker, while casting the skill can be called multi-mode linker skills
When you cast the skill of multi-mode, the linker is invoked. From now on, when continuous casting skill, hold down the skill key
Multi-mode, even if the linker is not invoked.
Ion thrusters (2): jump and downward jump while casting the skill can pin-point the rocket can be launched
Can. Skill casting delay after adjustment.
- Linear perspective (2): increment adjustments were critical chance.
Multi-lateral III (3): Multi-lateral II 1 level is more than can be learned.
Triangle Formation (3): airframe sorties adjusted probability and damage the air, and now three stacked frames
Automatically attack enemy air attack the enemy frame.
Multi-lateral car IV (3): Multi-lateral III 1 level above you can learn.
- Extra supply, (3) consume a certain percentage of the value of physical fitness has been changed from MP, cooldown has been reduced.
Dancing Blades (4): attack speed has been modified during the move to launch a rocket jump and downward jumps, pin-point
Fuzzy Rob Masquerade: Sniper (4): the number of attacks and damage has been adjusted.
To adjust the speed of the ball and ignore the enemy's attack reflex holographic graffiti (4th): string
Has been added.
- Time Capsule (4th): his hyper skill cooldown has been deleted and limited installation area can be reduced so that
Has been changed.

3 Xenon skill errors have been corrected.
Multi-lateral I, II, III IV, V: Dodge and attributes resistance and the state more than resistance to normally increase the error did not
Has been corrected.
- Quicksilver Sword: intensive (secondary): Critical chance and hit did not apply to the normal value error
Has been corrected.
- The Aegis system (3): the enemy directly struck at the missile does not launch explosion was an error
Has been corrected.

<Related events>
1 Xenon 200 level achieved gifts congratulations! Event is in progress.
- Xenon achieved at level 200 will be awarded a special title.
Receive the quest to achieve the higher level faster you can get better items on a first-come, first-served basis.

2 Winter Challenge Target Season 2 is underway.
- Goal to complete a variety of challenges that can be enjoyed in Maple World, January, and you can receive a gift.
When you have completed all six challenging goals will be paid the additional title of Glorious Winter.

3 Child Termini World event is in progress.
Only child Termini World where you can enjoy a special event is in progress.
- A strong start! Resettlement deuryeoyo.
Palpitations! Of Permanent support!
- The pioneers of child Termini
- Frontier spirit!
- Eye Terre upon a star
-Way to a safe adventure

4 Item has been added to the coin shop in Winter Limited.
- Xenon mysterious mastery of the North
De - (Lv.80) Chain Sword: Frosty Dyer

5 Xenon growth event is in progress.
- Achieve level 50! Special ring for you!
Achieved level 70! Special benefits for you!
- I'll help you up your level!
- Grown for you!

6 Return return dolrimpan Honor rewards have been changed.
1) Full-chan in good dolrimpan box increase the probability that you can get the Ultimate weapon.
2) cobra box in good dolrimpan new items have been added.

- Items of equipment
(Lv.100) Chain Sword: The Ultimate shaft head

- The high-flying skill Riding
Riding a bike in the sky pass
Snow Blossom Riding Pass
Rain cloud riding access
Months riding access
Double Riding
Phantom Riding with thee pass
Aria riding with you, pass

- Chair
Fang stone choir
Christmas Phantom


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KMST 1.2.462 - More Xenon Changes

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