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 KMST 1.2.460 - Xenon!

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KMST 1.2.460 - Xenon! Empty
PostSubject: KMST 1.2.460 - Xenon!   KMST 1.2.460 - Xenon! Icon_minitimeMon 17 Dec 2012, 2:57 pm

Korean Patch Notes:

MapleStory Client Ver. 1.2.460 has been released.

In this patch, the following were added.



Game Related>


1 Resistance, New job 'Xenon' has been added, and the former level is shown below.

Primary ex: lv. 10

2nd job: lv. 30

- Third ex: lv. 60

- 4 car ex: lv. 100

Test server over the lease of the harbor light-headedness Poppy Mastery Book orders, you can get recipes and more.

-Xenon main hand, Energy Sword, a power source controller, and wear it as a secondary weapon slot on the heart of Android,

    Or xenon dedicated cardiac hybrid Heart can be worn. Hybrid Hart Ethel Stein weapon shop,

    Or Veritas can purchase weapons from a merchant.

- Zeno hybrid of rogues and pirates, bandits, pirates of armor worn can bypass the restrictions.

- Depending on the situation, you can use three types of changes to one of skill.

Xenon Xenon type when creating a look and seuwoo type (M), Orca (type) of you can choose.


2 Daemon Avenger Extended seed overloaded figures display that it is full, the effect will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the map.


3 Referenced the current stamina daemon Avenger damage calculation method has been changed.


4 Daemon Avenger Character Card effect has been changed.



Maps related


1 Secret research facility Veritas maps have been added.

- Xenon beginners 'pro metsa Assault' skill using pro metsa in the map, and move the

    Move all over the map of the town.



Quest related


1 Xenon story of the former and quests have been added.

1) more than 10 levels of quests

- Ally of proof

- Remain in the memories

- Different human and

- Different human and

- Who are you?

- Do not betray the resistance to

- You may believe

2) 15 level or higher Quest

- Sigmund friend

- Vanished friend

3) Level 18 or higher Quest

- Discovered

- Must leave

- I promise

- Henesys arrival!

- An important job.

- It's important to eat

- Eating is important

- It's important to eat three

- Important not to drink

- Return yamalro important

Return yamalro important 2

4) Level 25 or higher Quest

- Wandering the road again

- Grandis

- Mysterious creatures

- A different world of disputes

- Another world conflict

5) Level 29 or higher Quest

- Invasion

- Unknown jeokgaegam

6) more than 30 levels of quests

- The resistance of the secret order

- Secret Service Special Agent

7) Level 35 or higher Quest

- Research of Dr.

- An engineer of the Roman

- Pride of scholars

- Alchemist's favor 1

- Alchemist's favor

Cool Level 40 or higher Quest

The finished device

Disturbance device - Erev

- 2 - Lou Smithers disturbance device

- Pantheon-disturbance device

Disturbance device 4 - Henesys

Disturbance device 5 - Ethel Stein

- Where's gift?





1 Xenon's skills include the following:

The plus supplies (beginners): one schedule time plus energy charge. Additional shot / avoidance when

                                            Charging dog and a chance to all stats according to the charging energy is on the rise.

                                            Charging energy is utilized as a resource to use powerful buff.

Hybrid Logic (beginners): Hybrid logic design by applying all stats permanently a certain percentage will rise.

                                         A link that can transfer the account to my other character is a skill.

- Multi-lateral I (beginners): AP invest directly if you achieve more than a certain numerical stats stats bonus

                                   Is obtained. Permanently rise by stance strength, agility, immunity, luck Dodge jumyeo three

                                   All abilities achieve more than some number, total damage certain percentage rise helps.

Businesses metsa Assault (beginner): The all-weather amphibious hovercraft Pro metsa call to return to base.

Multi-mode linker (beginners): 2nd job since each of the former order multi-mode linker skill you want, depending on the situation

                                       Can be used to change the type. Change the skill key, or click

                                       You want to change, then click on the mode button of the skill in the skill window, type

                                       Can be changed by pressing the arrow keys.

                                       Can be selected by pressing one of the ←, ↑, → button once.

Liberty Aviation (beginners): turning booster free for a certain period of time can fly.

                                            Continue flying in the same direction, if you can move faster under the influence of acceleration

                                            And skill Pressing the key once more, you can turn off the booster.

- Pirates of the camouflage (beginners): Rogue and vocational ignore armor and can wear all

Spline (1) Energy: Energy Sword swung twice damage to a large number of enemies in front of inflicting.

- Sudden Propel (1): the moment of acceleration booster jump forward. Once more to jump on jump status.

-Car power (1) Incline: increases the damage, adding a certain amount of time improves the power permanently to all stats

                                 Rise helps. Energy consumption plus the skill.

- Radial nubs refinement (1): lumbar nervous system enhances all the figures associated with the movement improves.

                                        Hit value, increased movement speed, movement speed, jumping ability, upper helps.

Multi-lateral II (1 car): AP invest directly stats stats if you achieve more than a certain numerical features bonus

                                Is obtained. Permanently rise by jumyeo stance strength, agility, immunity, luck Dodge

                                Achieve more than some number, total damage of all three stats schedule rate rise helps.

Uribe quickly forward a large number of enemies flash, Quicksilver Sword (Secondary): Multi-mode linker skill, attack speed than the flash

                              Exactly slow, but a little bit longer distances, add a critical attack probability take an intensive,

                              Energy Sword swung up and dealing damage to enemies around the vertical booster

                              Jump to leap three skills can be used to change the

- Ion thrusters (secondary): pushing enemies ion thrusters to move aboard. While holding down the skill key

                                  Ion thrusters, lasts only for a certain period of time you can use the skill.

- Linear perspective (2nd): time for a certain period of time to penetrate the enemy's vulnerability by enabling critical chance

                                       Helps to further increase all stats permanently rising. The plus energy

                                       Consuming skill.

Pipeline during epitaxial Sean (2): Permanently increases maximum Stamina and MP, added to use the skills for a certain period of time

                                           Will increase the maximum health and MP.

Xenon booster (secondary) step 2: the attack rate for a certain period of time will rise.

- Minority support (secondary): permanently increases all stats.

- Xenon Mastery (secondary): Physical Damage proficiency increases permanently.

Multi-lateral III (2 cars): achieve constant levels of AP invest directly stats stats by characteristic

                                 To obtain the bonus. Permanently rise by stance strength, agility, immunity, luck Dodge

                                 Achieve more than the schedule figures jumyeo all three stats a certain percentage of the total damage by raising


- Combat switching (3) multi-mode linker skill, energy sword naeppeot forward after the explosion, causing an explosion,

                               Anterior division, the energy sword to inflict damage multiple enemies in the air below the diagonal

                               Energy Sword wielded to inflict damage greatly shot down by selecting one of the available.

                               Type diamond geuneol Chase and division type can be used in conjunction shoot down of the public enemy,

                               Further damage.

Diamond geuneol Chase (3rd): rise up and fly to the explosive force of the air booster. Suffered less damage

                                       Chase's diamond geuneol caught up in the wind while flying forward, the enemies float Pillar

                                       Can be used in conjunction with scrambled

- Pillar scrambled enemies spread out the energy field and contrary to gravity (3rd): Increase Energy field from a xenon

                                  More distant enemies high ttuiwoomyeo less energy field under the influence of gravity, floating in the air to control the

                                  About more than slowly deteriorates.

- Dual Bleeder defensive (3rd): Dodge skill trigger additional 100%, since the dodge / hit whenever receiving and Dodge

                                           Damage reduction. When triggered; 10 times the duration of the separate effects

                                           Disappears. Energy consumption plus the skill.

- The Aegis system (3rd): to attack their enemy so and fired a number of missiles were fired missiles the enemy

                                 And ignore the effect of the reflection attack damage.

Triangle formation (3): The scramble will attack the target at each airframe. Airframe schedule

                                           Hours in close contact with the enemy and hit the enemy position and a certain percentage of avoidance value decreases.

                                           If the airframe has accumulated, by pressing the skill key to the airframe

                                           Can self-destruct command.

- Virtual projection (3rd): Welcome to himself and the same behavior is generated. Welcome schedule than the body damage

                                     The maximum duration ratio of low to attack, dealing damage to the enemy, instead of Xenon

                                     Disappears if it results in cumulative damage to up to five times the stamina of

- Stats when you achieve a certain level within a multi-lateral IV (3 cars): AP invest directly stats bonus

                                 Is obtained. Permanently rise by jumyeo stance strength, agility, immunity, luck Dodge

                                 Achieve more than some number, total damage of all three stats schedule rate rise helps.

Extra supplies (3) lacks the energy plus too: when a certain percentage of their fitness by consuming

                                       Energy can occupy the plus

- Dancing Blade (4): Energy Sword dancing stretched disappointed as around multiple enemies wielding damage dealing.

                                  Can continue to hold down the skill key, rotate and move like dancing.

Fuzzy Rob Raid (4th): A multi-mode linker skill, Fruity with mass greater enemy attack. Rooty single enemy

                                          And fatal weakness navigation, energy rifle exactly the point - aim a sniper,

                                          Forward a wide area bombardment shelling, Rooty Rooty chariot appeared riding bombers

                                          Appear on the front and back of the Xenon type of bombing attacks that by selecting the available


Hologram Graffiti (4th): Multi-mode linker skill, strategic holographic field utilized. Within the field

                                       Energy ball field on the inner wall of the hit every time in the field to inflict damage to the enemy

                                       Energy penetrate the force field, the field energy in the ball is tackled dealing damage to all enemies, see

                                       Within the field, including in the field instead of in their own stamina and avoidance of party members to give up value

                                       Select the type of support allies to dodge when he's standing plus energy charge

                                       Can be used.

- Ohpacheu code (4): The energy consumption plus the skill, all full of energy consumption for a short period of time

                              Currently exert a powerful force that can not be reproduced by the total damage and damage boss attack

                              Will rise at the same time. Increase all stats permanently.

Offensive matrix (4th): attack by activating matrix for a certain period of time, a certain portion of the attack upon the enemy's defense

                                        Ignored and a chance to back down to avoid enemy attacks. Multi-lateral

                                        By stance and are nested.

- Instant Sherk (4th): avoidance fails, a chance to add can be avoided. Added to the Aegis system

                                  Increases the damage of the missile being fired. The Aegis system to learn the skill

                                  Must be mastered.

Xenon Expert (4th): increase proficiency in permanent damage and critical minimum damage increases.

- Time Capsule (4th): distorting the flow of time in a time capsule boarding party members around very fast cooldown

                            Speed ​​decreases. Hit upon a time capsule is destroyed, the effect stops, and the specific

                            Can not be used in the map.

Multi-lateral V (4 car): achieve constant levels of AP invest directly stats stats by characteristic

                                To obtain the bonus. Permanently rise by stance strength, agility, immunity, luck Dodge

                               Achieve more than some number, total damage of all three stats schedule rate rise helps.

Maple warrior (4th): stat of all party members for a certain period of time a certain percentage as much as the rise helps.

Hyper Strength (hyper): permanently increases.

- Dexter Hyper Clarity (hyper): Permanently increases agility.

Hyper-intelligence (hyper): intelligence permanently increases.

- Hyper-Luck (luck): Permanently increase the hyper.

Rate of hyper-critical (hyper) permanently increases critical chance.

(Hyper) hyper AccuTouch Rush: Permanently increases Accuracy

Hyper Max Heart Points (hyper): Maximum HP permanently increases.

- Hyper Max Magic Points (hyper): Maximum MP permanently increase.

- Hyper Max daemon Force (Hyper): maximum DF permanently increases.

- Physical hyper-guard (hyper-): Permanently increases physical defense.

Guard Magical hyper (hyper): Permanently increases magic defense.

Hyper Movement (Hyper): Permanently increases the movement speed.

- Hyper Hyper Jump (permanently): Jumping increases.

Reinforced blade Dancing - (Hyper): increases the Attack of the Dancing Blade.

- Dancing Blade - Fast Movement (Hyper): Dancing Blade skill when using movement speed increase.

- Dancing Blade - extra target (hyper): monster blade Dancing target increases.

Mass Fuzzy Rob Kerr Rob Raid - Reinforced (hyper): Fuzzy Reid's mass increases damage increases.

Fuzzy Rob Masquerade - Executive NOR guard (hyper-): Fuzzy Rob Reid's defense ignores the mass increases the ratio increases.

- Fuzzy Rob Masquerade - extra target (hyper): Fuzzy Rob Reid's mass increases target monster increases.

                                                                      However, it does not increase when a single snipe.

Movement speed holographic graffiti-speed condensation energy (hyper): moving the hologram inside the field of view


- Hologram Graffiti - Reinforced (hyper): Energy Ball that increases the damage.

Energy field unfold-emphasis bit (hyper): increases the retention time of the hologram field.

Meltdown explosion (Hyper): from the universe of the earth devouring everything powerful laser bombardment.

- Hyper-Entangled (Kern Fine): Energy Sword wielding forward a number of enemies and buff off all the straps.

                                      Straps that behavior can not be less DEF ratio is reduced. Smite and resistance


- Amaranth generator (hyper): During the short time the engine running to provide infinite power Amaranth

                                               Gauge does not decrease, is charged immediately to the maximum use.


2 Daemon Avenger's skill has been adjusted.

Hale Vital Clarity: The cooldown has been adjusted.

- Daemon Strike: HP consumption has been adjusted.

- Moonlight slash: HP consumption has been adjusted.

- X-Execution: HP consumption has been adjusted.

- Shield Charge: Damage has been adjusted.

- Inner Strength: Stamina Increases Physical Defense and Magical Defense.

Desperado Mastery: hits value, the gain has been adjusted.



Related events>


1 Winter Limited coin shop to sell items have been added.

(Lv.80) Rings: Frosty Ring

- (Lv.70) Rings: Secret Ring


2 Reach level 200 Avenger daemon gifts congratulations! Event is in progress.

- Demon Avenger Level 200 special title upon achieving will be paid.

Receive the quest to achieve the higher level faster you can get better items on a first-come, first-served basis.


3 Daemon Avenger growing support an event is in progress.

- Achieve level 50! Special ring for you!

Achieved level 70! Special benefits for you!

- I'll help you up your level!

- Grown for you!



Items related>


1 New items of equipment have been added.

9) Xenon dedicated weapon Energy Sword> <Hybrid Heart and Controller, has been added.

- (Lv.10) A symmetrical horn

- (Lv.30) Ridge Cutter

- (Lv.35) Pepe King of the Ridge Cutter

- Cutter (Lv.35) Chaos Ridge

- (Lv.50) Rough Violet

- (Lv.60) every Krull Knife

- (Lv.65) ​​Chaos knives every Krull

- (Lv.70) Scorpio Tail

- (Lv.70), Xerxes, Scorpio Tail

- (Lv.80) Dyer de

- (Lv.80) Balrog of Dyer

- (Lv.90) pressure-Sainte-toxin

Pressure Sainte-toxin (Lv.90) Balrog of

- (Lv.95) Chaos pressure SAINTE toxin

- (Lv.100) Crimson Skull

- (Lv.105) Fish pin

- (Lv.110) Dragon Energy Skull

- (Lv.110) pin Nick Fish Dragonara

- (Lv.120) Timeless shaft head

- (Lv.120) reverse shaft head

- (Lv.125) Fearless shaft head

- (Lv.125). Lease shaft head

- (Lv.130) empeoreoseu Swift Manti core

Manti core - (Lv.130) Burnt Fur empeoreoseu

- (Lv.130) Manti Hell Paz Bloody core

- (Lv.130) on Pharr Bloody Manti core

- (Lv.135) Grand Vacations Pharr Manti core

Grand Hal Paz Manti core - (Lv.135)

- (Lv.140) Shark Tooth Queens polling

- (Lv.140) Raven Horn Queens polling

- (Lv.120) Cora Van Leon Energy Chain

- (Lv.125) Mer Van Leon Energy Chain

- (Lv.120) Knox Van Leon Energy Chain

- (Lv.125) Scarborough Van Leon Energy Chain

- (Lv.120) Necropolis shaft head

- (Lv.135) reobeuriseu shaft head

- (Lv.10) dual-core controller

- (Lv.30) quad-core controller

- (Lv.60) hexa-core controller

- (Lv.100) octa-core controller

- (Lv.60) Silver Hybrid Heart

- (Lv.100) Hybrid Heart


10) Xenon only decoration items have been added.

(Lv.10) remember finding

- (Lv.30) Secret Service Special Agent

(Lv.60) freedom to pursue

Standing (Lv.100) boundary

- Return (Lv.200) last


11) new common equipment items have been added.

- (Lv.0) Atomic chute

- (Lv.0) Atomic boots

- (Lv.30) ion chute

- (Lv.30) ions boots

- (Lv.100) photon chute

- (Lv.100) photon boots


2 New consumption items have been added.

- 20 [Mastery Book] Dancing Blade

- 30 [Mastery Book] Dancing Blade

- [Mastery Book] Fuzzy Rob masquerade 20

Rob - [Mastery Book] Fuzzy Masquerade 30

- [Mastery Book] Offensive Matrix 20

- [Mastery Book] offensive Matrix 30

- [Mastery Book] ohpacheu Code 20

- [Mastery Book] ohpacheu code 30

- 20 [Mastery Book] Xenon Expert

- [Mastery Book] Xenon Expert 30

Sherk 20 - [Mastery Book] instant

Sherk 30 - [Mastery Book] instant

- Energy Sword Attack Scroll 100%

- Energy Sword Attack Scroll 60%

- Energy Sword Attack Scroll 10%

- Energy Sword Attack Scroll 70%

- Energy Sword Attack Scroll 30%

- Energy Sword Attack Scroll 15%

- Timeless shaft and head production Recipe

Reverse shaft head manufactured Recipe

Head Manufacturing Abyss shaft Recipe

- Fearless shaft and head production Recipe

On Pharr Bloody Manti Recipe core production

Hell Paz Bloody Manti Recipe core production

Production recipe - empeoreoseu Swift Manti core

Manti core production empeoreoseu spread Burnt Recipe

- Raven Horn Queens polling manufactured Recipe

- Shark Tooth Queens polling manufactured Recipe

Produced Mer Van Leon Energy Chain Recipe

Recipe - Scarborough Van Leon produced energy chain

- Dragon energy production recipe Skull

- Dragonara pin Nick Fish making recipes

- Crimson Skull manufactured Recipe


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KMST 1.2.460 - Xenon!

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