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 KMST 1.2.451 - Hyper Skill Changes

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PostSubject: KMST 1.2.451 - Hyper Skill Changes   Mon 17 Sep 2012, 3:18 pm

Korean Patch Notes:

MapleStory Client Ver. 1.2.451 release has been fixed.

In this patch, the following were added.


<Skill Related>

1. Hyper skill Paladin Skills the following changes are made.

- Increasing the number of attacks

- Attack range increased


2. Paladin hyper new crochet skill Saint entity will change as follows.

Cooldown reduced


3. Paladin 3rd skill Charge Blow is changed as follows.

- Attack range increased


4. Advanced Charge Paladin skill will be changed as follows.

- Reduced damage

Charge Blow to increase in the number of monsters that attack

- Increasing the number of attacks


5. Paladin 4th job skills Blast will be changed as follows.

- Increased damage


6. Bishop hyper skill Heaven's Door will be changed as follows.

- Reduced damage


<Quest related>

1. This bolbing system related quests have been added.

Title challenge! System master bolbing Level 100 and above, ESS


<Items related>

1. General shields now like Soul Shield and secondary weapons are treated.


2 System related items have been added to two bolbing

1) The items of equipment

(Lv. 100) bolbing master system (Merit)


2) Core items

- Map Skins _ banned

- Additional Monster _ cloned Mikhail

- Monster added _ cloned Oz

- Monster added _ cloned Irina

- Additional Monster _ cloned Ica Amersfoort

- Additional Monster _ Hawkeye cloned


<Related events>

1. Hyper-events.

- Character slots to the user access to all coupon payments per (World).

Mikhail, adventurer, warrior, adventurer, wizard / character creation, nurturing, level 10, level 30, level 50, level 70 achieved at various rich gifts to receive.


2 Chuseok Events: Woven tournament starts.

- 40 minutes, 10 minutes, every visual, weaving contest invitations winged teals.

Participate in a weaving contest that you can reap the rewards of a variety of woven box, and you can get a set of yutgarak.


<Cash Related>

1 Interface has changed in the cash shop categories.

- Just change the mouse over the top categories and sub-categories. Locate their desired category and click the product page is shown.

2. Maple stand - alone version has been updated.

Times per character, and can be purchased 30 days at the time of purchase can benefit many.

Stand - alone version of the BASIC / Special bought BASIC stand - alone version after upgrade, some features can be better.


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KMST 1.2.451 - Hyper Skill Changes

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