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 KMST 1.2.436 - Luminous Changes

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PostSubject: KMST 1.2.436 - Luminous Changes   Thu 28 Jun 2012, 11:32 am

Korea Patch Notes:

MapleStory Client Ver. 1.2.436 release has been corrected.
In this patch, the following have been added. 

<Skill Related>
1. Luminous's skill has been adjusted as shown below.
- Eclipse (Beginners): Eclipse, while MP is consumed when you cast dark magic has been corrected.
- Equilibrium (Beginners): Duration has been adjusted.
- Power of Light (Beginner): darkness is exposed to the effect the error has been corrected.
- Power of Light (Beginner): level rise increases the passive effect of increasing the amount the MP added.
- Light transforming (1st) did not actually move when you chwihadeon transparent state error has been corrected.
- Ordinary Magic Guard (1st): Physical / Magic Defense has been added to increase the effect.
- Extend Mana (1st): it does not consume mana when using Mana have been adjusted value.
- Void pressure (2nd): attack speed has been adjusted.
- Spectral Light (3rd): The maximum angle has been adjusted.
- Shine Redemption (3rd) has been adjusted to healing.
- Anti-Magic Shield(3rd): buff could turn off the error has been corrected.
- Life Tidal (3rd): Critical values ​​have been adjusted to increase.
- Light Reflection (4th): attack speed and damage, the range has been adjusted.
- Apocalypse (4th): Damage has been adjusted and the number of attacks.
- Absolute Kill (4th): attack speed has been adjusted.
- Dark Crescendo (4th): Your attacks did not overlap properly has been corrected.
- Darkness Sourcery (4th): Increase critical chance to remove the effect, and ignoring the attacking monster's properties Effects have been added.
- Dark Light Mastery (4th): increasing the duration of Equilibrium state figures have been adjusted.

2. Luminous has been tuned skill MP consumption.
3. Luminous level rise, the increase in the amount of MP is fixed. However, the maximum investment in the AP When the amount of MP to increase the other occupations, such as the wizard will now see the value of INT.
4. Luminous appearing when you use a skill to someone else inaudible voice, the voice has changed.
5. Luminous other skills associated with the error has been corrected.


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KMST 1.2.436 - Luminous Changes

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