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 KMST 1.2.434 - Resistance Revamp, Chaos Pink Bean & Sakura Castle

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PostSubject: KMST 1.2.434 - Resistance Revamp, Chaos Pink Bean & Sakura Castle   Thu 14 Jun 2012, 2:18 pm

Korea Patch Notes:

MapleStory test client Ver 1.2.434 release has been modified.

This patch contains the following additions.

< Game related>
1. PvP involved compensation as follows:
i) As a token of the investments on BP BP exchanger when exchanging, the amount of the investments that exchanges of the mysterious Super table you will be given the blessing potion together. The mystical character of the potion is used: Super level, a certain amount of Experience a performer forwards the tooth.
ii) participate in the Super 4 or more investments if you acquire a token of the day of the Super pouch you will be paid extra.

2)160 level-only Grand battle, Gladiator mode has been added.
-Gladiator mode of interconnected investments through investments Gage, exchanged as a token of the items a special entitlement The Gladiator Pouch you can get an extra.

3. New Boss Chaos Pink Bean
i) Dark force overwhelmed by Pink bean.
ii) Only players Lv170 or higher can fight chaos pink, consisting of three or more levels of the expedition as a challenge.
iii) Smooth Pink Chaos in all channels for the test will be ready to empty and 20 times one day entry is possible.
iv) New Chaos Pink Bean items added:
- Chaos Pink Bean wearing hat and suit, the set will be able to get the effect.
- Chaos Pink Bean suit and a hat when worn, are set to achieve the effect.
- Chaos Pink Bean weapon when worn with Mark Loveless, a set of effects can be obtained.
- Chaos Pink Bean hat and suit with a random stat changing items have a wide range of options As you proceed, remember that an empty

v) Pink Chaos In addition, the empty time that the leased equipment, manufactured pieoriseu recipes, time, and will drop a stone.

4. Resistance Classes Revamped
-Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, Mechanic performance and effectiveness has been adjusted

- Battle Mage only use some of Mystery Book cannot be use, head to the Maple Administrator NPC Mastery can be exchanged through.
-July 11 at Jay 's, increasing the probability of emergence, snow white can take in the Jaguar Habitat Right out of the box.
- Mechanical change is the color of the metal armor, new skills have been added. More than 10 levels of the mechanical Character quest performed, skills being paid, you can choose the color to be changed.
-Use metal armor camouflage conversion chip , the color of the metal armor, and converted to a random Mechanic, a former instructor at the NPC system key, you can purchase a million metric tonnes Thoreau.
-With the same kind of mechanic Karpacz, set has been modified so that it applies to work when mounted.
-50 levels, level 70, Ethel mechanic Karpacz Frankenstein bonjasky NPC started to sell.
-Mechanic has been added to the new secondary weapons <Magnum>.
- 1st, 2nd, 3rd when the former Magnum equipment paid by the window, and the fourth at the former, through the quest desorption
- After the update, if you have not received payment normally Magnum, Magnum went to the Maple Administrator you can get paid.

5. Boss Hilla drop rate increased
-Pet box <Dark Soul>
-Pet order.
-Weapon Neck

<Skill related>
1. Battle Mage

-Triple Blow (1st): Attack speed and range increased.
-Finish Attack (1st): Automatically trigger a chance to attack the enemy with passive skill has been fixed.
-Quad blow (2nd): Attack speed and range increased.
-Staff booster (2nd): Duration has been adjusted.
-Death blow (3rd): Attack speed and range increased. Ignoring the effects of defensive power has been deleted.
-Super body (3rd): Is being modified to prevent an attack, even off, the cooldown has been adjusted.
-Teleport Mastery (3rd): Damage increased.
-Finish Blow (4th): Attack speed and range increased. Attack, and a chance to stun the enemy, to increase the likelihood of additional critical has been adjusted. Ignore the effect of defense has been deleted.
-Advanced dark aura (4th): Chance to give damage to the target dot has been corrected. Dots have been modified to be nested. Dot has been modified so that they overlap.
-Cyclone (4th): While holding the key in the range of skills to attack monsters has been fixed. Over time, a whirlwind attack range wider and larger and, in the vicinity drag the monster around the character.
-Dark Genesis (4th): Damage and number of attack has been increased and cooldown has been adjusted.
-Battle Rage (4th): NEW SKILL. Permanent character's HP, MP, the enemy's armor to increase defense portion can be ignored. Using skill, the enemy of a certain period of time concentrated in a state that can attack and damage will increase dramatically.

2. Wild Hunter
-Triple shot (1st): Damage increased
-Swallow (2nd): Skill Deleted
-Main (2nd): Master level has been changed to 10.
-Jaguar Roar (2nd): Master level has been changed to 15, attack range increased
-Silver Hawk (2nd): Moved to 2nd job, damage and duration have been adjusted
-Howling (secondary): NEW SKILL. When you cast, for a certain period of time and further reduces the damage taken the character's Dodge, MaxMP, critical chance, will increase the damage of party members.
-Crossroad (3rd): Knockback distance has been raised.
-Blind (3rd): myeongjungchi down effect has been modified to apply to the boss.
-Beast form (tertiary): Do not turn off enemy attacks in the buff has been fixed. Duration and increase the effect of damage is increased, the attack rate by synergistic effects have been added.
-Wild trap (3rd): Master level has been changed to 15.
-Riding Mastery (3rd): Master level has been changed to 15.
-Dodge (3rd): NEW SKILL. Chance to evade enemy attack and evasion on success, 1 seconds of 100% probability to critical attack is possible.
-Intensive (3rd): NEW SKILL. Increases the attack power for a period of time, and reducing consumption of MP.
-Wild Instinct (4th): ERA ignored the effect is increased, resistance to attack all of the properties effects have been added.
-Sonic Boom (4th): Damage, number of attacks and attack range has been increased.
-Flash lane (4th): Cooldown has been adjusted.

3. Mechanic
-Hidden piece (1st): NEW SKILL. When used to change the color of the metal armor and attack power, HP, MP will increased.
-Drill rush (1st): Damage has been increased, delay has been adjusted.
-Gatling shot (1st): Damage has been increased.
-Atomic Hammer (2nd): Stun duration and attack rate increased.
-Heavy Weapon Mastery (2nd): Damage has been increased.
-Satellite (3rd): Damage has been increased.
-Rocket punch (3rd): Number of attacks, damage, stun duration has been increased.
-Heavy Machine gun (3rd): Damage has been increased.
-Accelerator (3rd): Master level has been changed to 10.
-Healing robot (3rd): Master level has been changed to 10.
-Over tuning (3rd): NEW SKILL. Using skill, for a certain period of time and greatly increase their damage, permanently a portion of the enemy defense is ignored.
-Robot Mastery (4th): Robot Build time gain, gain self-destruct damage has been adjusted upward.
-Safety (4): Master level has been changed to 20.
- Laser Blast (4th): Number of attacks has been increased.
- Missile Tank (4th): Heavy Machine Gun Mode damage has been increased.
- Titan (4th): The cooldown has been adjusted.
- Double Lucky Dice (4th): NEW SKILL. Lucky Dice have a chance to use the roll of two dice may be more effective.

4. <A theme dungeon: beotkkotseong> area has been added.
i) to level 70 or more characters 'island story' quest, cherry castle, you can move in progress.
ii) The dimension of the mirror or a consumption item, you must move the castle cherry.
iii) beotkkotseong areas have been added.
- Beotkkotseong outer
- Cherry blossom in front of the gates
- Katpaui pond
- Beotkkotseong yard a
- Beotkkotseong yard 2
- Beotkkotseong yard 3
- Beotkkotseong yard 4
- 1st floor tower
- 2nd floor of the castle
- 3rd floor of the castle
- 4th floor tower
- Five-story tower
- Lord's room
- Detached palace

<Quest related>
1 <A theme dungeon: beotkkotseong> Quests have been added.
- Taegong's favor: it arrived floating objects: 70 level or higher, taegong
- Island story: Librarian Wiz- Attack of the flock: a place that camera
- The secret favor: a place that camera
- The merchant's daughter: Aoi
- Rumors of Princess Sakura: Hoshi
- Another rumor: wooseuke
- Beotkkotseong into ...: soseuke
- A strange scent: Between
- Detective nagare: Between
- Intermediate Ninja Survey: nagare
- Detached palace of her: nagare
- The information to Fuji: Sakura 0 shares
- The evil shadow: Fuji
- Circle of Destruction Key: Fuji
- Toad the fight against monsters: Fuji
- The moon and cherry samurai: Sakura 0 shares
- For AOI Presents: Sakura 0 shares 

2. Mechanic quests have been added.
- The secrets of metal armor features: 10 levels or more, Cecchi
- How to get stronger mechanics: Level 50 or higher, Cecchi
- Mechanics of the new weapon: 120 level or higher, Cecchi  

1. <A theme dungeon: beotkkotseong> Monster has been added.
- (Lv.72) crow thieves
- (Lv.73) katpa
- (Lv.74) Lesser Ninja
- (Lv.75) Intermediate Ninja
- (Lv.76) Advanced Ninja
- (Lv.77) Shadow Ninja
- (Lv.78) samurai armor
- (Lv.80) Evil Toad  

<Items related> 
1. The following items have been added 

- (Lv.75) Weapon: Staff Resistance
- (Lv.75) Weapon: Crossbow Resistance
- (Lv.75) Weapon: Resistance Articles
- (Lv.30) Earrings: Earrings Resistance
- (Lv.50) Ring: Resistance Ring 2012
- (Lv.10) Magnum: Magnum
- (Lv.30) Magnum: Magnum Split
- (Lv.70) Magnum: Magnum Vital
- (Lv.120) Magnum: Magnum eternal 

- Resistance Support Capsules
- A mysterious potion blessed daenantuui
- Resistance buff for a cheer off
- One-Handed weapon damage, Resistance 70% orders
- One-handed weapons of the resistance 70% horsepower order
- Order 70% weapon damage, Resistance handsMetal armor camouflage conversion chip 

- Gladiator
- The battlefield who reported significantly less ADHD related symptoms 

<A theme dungeon: beotkkotseong> related items have been added.
- (Lv.75) Decoration: cherry moon, samurai
- (Lv.75) Caps: samurai helmet Three.

<Chaos Pink Bean> related items have been added.
- (Lv.135) hat: hat pingkeubin Chaos
- (Lv.135) jeonsinot: Chaos Pink Beansuite
- (Lv.135) hat: hat Pink Bean
- (Lv.135) jeonsinot: Pink Bean suite
- (Lv.135) nunjangsik: Mark of Chaos Pink Bean
- (Lv.135) Weapon: cue the nurse Loveless Exeter
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Loveless beodisyu
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Allah Le Kando Loveless
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Cardinals Loveless Fes
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Loveless kosyeon
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Persona Loveless
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Loveless enriltieo
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Hand ace Loveless
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Nipple Haim Loveless
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Loveless tabareujin
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Veloce Loveless
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Loveless alsyupiseu
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Love in the lease is dieseu
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Loveless engawoo
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Black Beauty Loveless
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Loveless rampion
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Equinox Loveless
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Blinds Nice Loveless
- (Lv.135) Weapon: Peony Loveless 

1. Resistance reorganization celebration event is in progress.
i) The newly-created Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, mechanic character, depending on the level of hunting the following section you can get bonus experience. Resistance bonus experience event the primary hunting experience Upload does not overlap with any other bonus, the higher the effect will be applied for one thing.
- 1-29 Level: Basic hunting experience 4 times
- 30-69 Level: Basic hunting experience three times
- 70-119 Level: 2 times the basic hunting experience 

ii) Level 10 and above all the battle mage, Wild Hunter, mechanic character left of the screen with a reminder of the event <Resistance, SP Order Get initialize> initialize SP quests and to obtain an order Can. In addition, the character of the metal armor mechanic to change colors at random armor, metal armor, the color chips As a bonus you can earn. 

iii) created a new battle mage level 10 and above all, Wild Hunter, the event of mechanical character left of the screen Alert over "Resistance, cheering for you!> On the quest for each profession buffs coupons Can be obtained. Can I use that buff cheer consumption in the window does not disappear, once every 30 minutes Is available. Citizen (Beginners) character can not perform this quest. 

iv) created a new Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, mechanic character achieves a certain level, you will be given a gift.  2012 when the resistance level to achieve 50 rings, 75 the level achieved when the resistance of each job available weapons will be given as compensation. Epic weapons of the resistance potential is given by default.

v) During the event Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, a former car mechanic 2,3,4 accomplished, the character of the various compensation Can be obtained. Both new and existing users can participate, but each of those earlier orders already The former is a user can not receive gifts. In addition, to receive their gifts in the order received at the time of As the former rather than the previous orders of the following orders that can not receive gifts. 

vi) During the event all over level 30 Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, mechanic character to achieve a level up Left of the screen each time through the event reminder "level up, congratulations! Resistance capsule now!> Quest As a reward for doing capsule support of the resistance can be obtained. Experience when using the item, Gives rise by, can be moved through the warehouse. 

1. Ranger joined the Methodist test event is in progress.
i) field which monsters drop the courage, determination, faith, ask the item to the left of the screen through a Quest Helper Rangers joining methods will be able to take the exam.
ii) A typical courage, determination, faith is not sincere young containers] [persistent commitment], [pure faith], [Do not hold containers], [strong commitment], [never-changing faith] may ask the item at the entrance examination  The number of additional points will be given.
iii) [sincere impression], [looks so friendly smile], [attractive fashion sense], ['s impression of calm] If you have an item in the personnel entrance examination scores will be given extra points.
iv) until the end of the interview entrance examination score is greater than the sum total of 1000 points [Pepper Memorial Box Ranger and methods Costumes may be one of the species.
v) entrance examination scores if not the sum total of 1000 points [Pepper Memorial Box item will accept only
vi) For more information, Dr Kim to pay [Rangers joining methods guide] See the book.Two. Check the event will proceed Ranger methods attendance.- Rangers joining methods to take the test if the event attendance, and attendance will be recognized, even if tests fail.  

<Cash Related> 
1. Always shop in the name of the shop management is able to change.
- Stores open, then the name of hiring permanent shops and general stores can be changed.
- Stores the name changed once per minute is possible. 

2. The owl of Minerva has been added to the search results sorted.
i) The following items sorted search results can be viewed by
- View order items potential grant
- Strengthening the rank order View
- See a lower price in order

Mechanic Secondary Weapon
Magnum (매그넘)
Mercedes Arrow - Pirates only
Req Level: 10
DEX: +3
Accuracy: +40
Cannot resell to merchants
Cannot be scrolled or potentialed
0 slots

Magnum Split (스플릿 매그넘)
Mercedes Arrow - Pirates only
Req Level: 30
DEX: +5
Accuracy: +60
Cannot resell to merchants
Cannot be scrolled or potentialed
0 slots

Magnum Vital (바이탈 매그넘)
Mercedes Arrow - Pirates only
Req Level: 70
DEX: +7
Accuracy: +80
Cannot resell to merchants
Cannot be scrolled or potentialed
0 slots

Magnum Eternal (이터널 매그넘)
Mercedes Arrow - Pirates only
Req Level: 120
DEX: +10
Accuracy: +120
Cannot resell to merchants
0 slots


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KMST 1.2.434 - Resistance Revamp, Chaos Pink Bean & Sakura Castle

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