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 Mercedes Tutorial

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PostSubject: Mercedes Tutorial   Tue 29 May 2012, 2:52 pm

Mercedes adventure begins in the Black Road, after the battle with the Black Mage.
She woke up not knowing what happened to Aran and Freud, but was soon greeted by the sight of an injured Afrien and Freud.

Afrien advised Mercedes to head back to Elluel, the town of the Elves, to check on the people in the there.

To proceed back to Elluel, click on Afrien again, there will be a few options to choose from.

Click on “I need to get back to Elluel!” option and you will be taken back to Elluel.

Upon entering Elluel, you will be greeted by the 3 Elders of Elluel.

Click on NPC Philius, he will inform you that NPC Astilda wants to speak to you.

The 1st quest by NPC Astilda is to provide the children in Elluel a soothing music to comfort them as they fall asleep.

Activate the Orgel by clicking on it.

Talk to NPC Astilda after you have activate the Orgel. He will goes to sleep after you have completed the quest.

Next, talk to NPC Danika, who will request you to eliminate 10 Slimes

Travel to the east side of Elluel and exit through the portal located there.

Follow the arrows inside the Path of the Glow Caves and exit through the portal by the side.

Elimiate 10 x Slimes inside Blooming Forest

Talk to NPC Danika to complete the quest. She will too goes to sleep after you have completed it.

Lastly, talk to NPC Philius again. This time, he will need your help to seal up the door on the left side of town.

Click on the portal to activate the seal to lock up Elluel for a 100 years.

Once you have successfully lock up Elluel, all the NPC will go to sleep.

Click on the light bulb above your character, you will be prompt to head back to the Royal Chamber and sleep as well.

When you are finally awaken, there’s when your adventure as a Mercedes begins!


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Mercedes Tutorial

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