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 Cannon Shooter Tutorial

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PostSubject: Cannon Shooter Tutorial   Sat 12 May 2012, 9:55 am

Cannon Shooter start his adventure onboard a ship heading towards Maple Island.

To begin your adventure, talk to NPC Skipper

After talking to NPC Skipper, a Balrog appears and started attacking you and NPC Skipper.

The next thing you remembered, you was woken up by a monkey on an island.

From here, you will begin a series of interlinked quests to get you familiarize with the basic keys and skill settings.

Half way through the quests, you will bump into NPC Cutter

After collecting all the Starfish and Starfish Meats, NPC Cutter will request you to hunt for a Ignition Device so that he will be able to fire up his cannon.

Head over to “Other Side of Coco Island” to collect the Ignition Device.

Once collected, pass the Ignition Device back to NPC Cutter and you are all ready for the great escape!

Good news! You made it safe and sound into the Nautilus Bedroom.

NPC Cutter will direct you to NPC Kyrin to advance into a Cannon Shooter.

Congratulation! You are now officially a Pirate and a future Cannon Shooter.


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Cannon Shooter Tutorial

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