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 Content Update For Legend Patch

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PostSubject: Content Update For Legend Patch   Sat 12 May 2012, 9:53 am


Dear Maplers!

With the launch of the Legend Patch on 14th May 2012, MapleSEA will be implementing the following game content updates and many more into the game system.

1. Convenience Functions
2. Profession System Revamped
3. Equipment Enhancement Related
4. Miscellaneous

1. Convenience Functions
• Fast Move System
A new system that assists fast move towards content entry helper and main NPC in town.

• Find NPC Button has been added onto mini-map
Location of the NPC can be seen in mini-map if NPC is selected from NPC list

• Shop buy-back function has been added
Items sold to the shop can be bough back until player log out from the game.

• System option and Game option merged
The system option and the game option has been merged into 1 window

2. Profession System Revamped
• Fatigue System

The max fatigue has increased by 2 times and hourly fatigue recovery rate has increased by big amount.

• Gathering Action
Gathering action for Riding Mechanic and Wild Hunter has been added.

3. Equipment Enhancement Related
• 5 Star Enhancement

For every 5th Star Enhancement, the star enhancement icon will become bigger. The Max number of enhancement has been increased to 15 enhancement slots.

• Legendary Rank
Legendary Ranked items will have higher potential ability then the Unique Ranked Items.

4. Miscellaneous
• Danger Zone Taxi
A Danger Zone Taxi has been added to Omega Sector

• Max MP increase formula
The Max MP formula has been modified so that no other jobs other than Magicians are affected on accumulated INT value by max MP increase formula. It’s the same for Magician three jobs.

• Potions
Stackable count for items such as potion and many other restore items has been increased.

• Normal Potion : Increased to stack up to 300 per slot.

• Pills : Increased to stack up to 600 per slot.

• Alchemy Pills : Increased to stack up to 800 per slot.


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Content Update For Legend Patch

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