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 [1.2.400] Mu Lung Dojo Reorganization

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[1.2.400] Mu Lung Dojo Reorganization Empty
PostSubject: [1.2.400] Mu Lung Dojo Reorganization   [1.2.400] Mu Lung Dojo Reorganization Icon_minitimeThu 25 Aug 2011, 2:12 pm

Korea Maple Story Test Client Ver. Release 1.2.400 has been released.
This patch fixes the following issues, have been added.

<Game Related>
1. Battle of the content <Mu Lung Dojo> been revamped.
- Only to users of more than 90 levels, only can enter 3 times a day.
- Three common modes (easy / normal / hard) and the ranking mode.
- Ranking of the Top 50 mode for the user a special reward will be given daily reward.
- Ranking mode ranking Henesys, Mu Lung, Mu Lung Dojo<Ranking Proof>,
The rank will be reset each week.

2. Legend Legend sold in stores were 1.3 times the experience has ended the sale of coupons.

1. Event-related items have been added.

Rainbow Badges (Lv.10)

- Legendary Gratias Ring (Lv.80)

- Golden necklaces dish (Lv.80)

- Cute newbie (Lv.0)
- A great seat (Lv.50)

<Face Decoration>
- Exciting First Love (Lv.70)

- Pink Bean Chair(Lv.0)

- I'm the cutest!
- I'm the closest!
- Let's the Moon!
- Together forever and forever women
- Are you watching the Full moon?
- I'm searching for my first love

2. Mu Lung Dojo rewards related items have been added.
- Mu gong's Yellow Belt (Lv.70)
- Mu gong's Blue Belt (Lv.90)
- Mu gong's Red Belt (Lv.120)
- Mu Gong's Black belt (Lv.120)

- Legend Hero Glove (Lv.120)
- Distinguished Flying Gloves (Valor) (Lv.120)
- Pore Glove (Lv.120)

- Pore's Proof

All the bosses in Mu Lung Dojo HP, EXP, Physical Attack, Magical Attack, Avoid and Accuracy was changed.

Akyrum Magical Attack was changed from 20,000 to 25,000

1. Evan's story has changed some of the terms of the quest.
- Where is the target of anger] Quest starting conditions [Mir reaction] Quest will be deleted.
[Angry] After completing the quest [Edelman Shoe others] go to area [of doubt the village],
[Where are the target of anger], and may continue after the story quest.

2. Daemon Slayer quest story has changed some of the conditions.
- The outside world?] Quest's launch condition [Black Wing's behavior] Quest instead mulgeorae] is changed to the quest.

3. "Tess of legends Gras' event is in progress.
- Level-goal and the challenge to participate in the event the 'legendary geurateseuring' can get.
- I will be participating professional.

4. 'Rainbow events' proceeds.
- For each day of the mission will be given another day. When you complete a mission the day seven-colored crayons and a gift box,
You can get buff.
- Complete the picture rainbow crayons collected seven species of the 'Rainbow badge' can be obtained.

5. Cowboy Newbies "event will proceed.
- When creating a new character, level 1, level 10, level 20, level 30, level 50 will be set whenever a cache item and the Medal of cowboys,
You can get the title.

6. '1 + 1 Exp add additional events' proceeds.
- The first character created for the first time within the duration of the event (except Legends characters) automatically in the event of the 1 +1
Will participate.
- The period that generated the first time in ten thousand and two of the characters involved with the character because it will be impossible re-join if you delete
Please note:
- The character at level 30 and when you reach level 70, respectively, until it reaches that level dropped Serve Experience
Experience will receive a potion.
- 1 +1 Exp bosangin EXP Potion of additional events for every job available. (Including vocational Legend)

7. Hangawi rich, Genie! Event is in progress.
- Ends on September 18.
- Hangawi both events by clicking on the left side of the screen Hangawi event reminders can be carried out.
- Make a wish to moon! Can proceed with the event. Once a day with my grandfather wishes to wish wolmyoreul,
Wish to meet him on the level of the monster you want to receive the paper 30 to collect the items can be.
- Collect Hangawi moonlight! Can proceed with the event. Also at this time to start a new business from Kaga
After 30 minutes have been an empty glass bottle glass bottle moonlight Once you can get the reward.
- Create a dish gift set you can proceed with the event. White dish three times, five times wormwood dish, pink dish seven times,
Fri 10 during dish will be held regardless of the kind of dish that meets level can earn him a monster.
When finished, you can earn gold necklace dish. In addition, the completion of each step and when to proceed to the next step
Experience can expect to pay 1.5 times the coupons.
- The title of the event will be acceptable during the heat online. Day 1, Day 3, 7, on day can get a different title.
During the first Online chat window every few days to determine whether access can be
- During the event will feature a huge wolmyoga around Maple World. If you fight a huge variety of wolmyoreul
Hangawi gift box containing a gift can be achieved.
- September 13, by twice daily experience when connected to two coupons you can get paid.

2. "Emerged in the autumn sweetheart 'event is in progress.
- During the event you can do the following quests:
ð anyone is your first love.
ð love for Cassandra Tracker
ð Find sweetheart check attendance

- Level 10 all over the seat left of the screen by clicking the star-shaped event reminder "to anyone who has first love>
Quest, receiving regular monsters drop items that can be collected to complete the quest.
Repeat every 5 minutes, the quest will be free.
- Daily quests completed the first one is complete with attendance check. Upon completion of checking attendance attendance check
To complete quests reward you can receive gifts. Check the date by attending their attendance records, details of compensation and the
Press the V key on the keyboard of the events of the UI can be found by clicking on the attendance.
- Check with attendance of more than 10 separate levels to all users on the left of the screen by clicking on the star event reminder
"Cassandra for the Love trackers> can do the quest. Love received the item at the start of the Quest Tracker
Stay online for 30 minutes, you can complete the quest.

- x3TheAran59 Administrator


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[1.2.400] Mu Lung Dojo Reorganization Empty
PostSubject: Re: [1.2.400] Mu Lung Dojo Reorganization   [1.2.400] Mu Lung Dojo Reorganization Icon_minitimeThu 25 Aug 2011, 2:16 pm

THIS SUCKS! "Only to users of more than 90 levels, only can enter 3 times a day." WTF!!! THE BELT IS HARDER TO GET!


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[1.2.400] Mu Lung Dojo Reorganization

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