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 Chaos: Age of Heroes

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PostSubject: Chaos: Age of Heroes   Sat 18 Jun 2011, 2:56 am

June 29th, 2011

Chaos sweeps over Maple World and a new age is dawning. Heroes find new strength, old friends find their voice, and some of us may find a way to save the future!

Welcome to the Age of Heroes!

Age of Heroes - June 29th, 2011
- New skills and fine tuning of Aran. Evan, and Dual Blade classes
- Character rebalancing and fine tuning
- New Area: Door of the Future (Level 160+ area)
- New Boss more pro then Pink Bean
- New level 140+ equipment sets.

Age of Artisans - July 11th, 2011
- Players will be able to Gather Plants and Minerals, practice Alchemy (creating potions), as well as craft Equipment and Accessories.

Age of Battle - July 20th, 2011
- PvP (Survival, Team Match) comes to MapleStory!

Ice Knight - July 26th, 2011
- PvP (Ice Knight Mode) Party up with fellow Maplers to defeat the Ice Knight or even become the Ice Knight!

??? - July ???, 2011
- GMS exclusive content
- The final piece of the Chaos puzzle falls into place as a Global MapleStory exclusive goes live!

Fight the Future!

The Gate to the Future is open! Travel from the Temple of Time to a time of terror. Henesys is in ruins and the Empress Cygnus is a feared foe. Explore an all-new area, and face down friends-turned-foes in the hardest challenges ever seen in Maple World!
*Open to characters level 160 and higher.

New Strength for Old Heroes!

Forget everything you know about Aran, Evan, and Dual Blades. With new skills and improved game balance, these three classes return on June 29th more powerful than ever!

This update will focus on skill balancing and will mark the return of Dual Blade and the two heroes Aran and Evan. Everyone will be able to create a Dual Blade character again, but this is limited for the Winter season only.

Dual Bladers will be improved and will receive several new skills such as Blade Fury (left), Vital Steal and Phantom Blow (right).

The Aran class will come back with a new look, stronger and better. Arans will receive new skills like Combo Judgement. Combo Judgement can attack multiple enemies by dropping a giant axe. Monsters hit by the giant axe are frozen and will be suffering from damage over time.
A skill that can create an instantaneous combo count and more.
Some skills were moved to an earlier job advancement and had their combo count required changed.

The second hero that makes his comeback in the ‘Chaos’ update is Evan. The attacking speed of Evan was greatly improved. Along with Aran and Dual Blade, Evan got a bunch of new skills as well.
- Dragon Blink: Teleports you to a random location in the map.
- Dragon Sparking: With a certain success rate, you can deal extra damage. (The skill looks like Paralyze, look carefully in the video because it’s there)
- Protection of the Onyx: For a period of time, you can give you and your party members extra avoidability.
- Will of the Onyx: For a period of time, you can prevent yourself getting knock-backed from a monster’s attack and able to attack with your body.

New Voices!

Even if you can defeat the Empress, don’t expect her to go silently. Voiceovers in the Cygnus and Chief Knights battle as well as in the Lion King’s Castle will forever change the way you communicate with NPCs in Maple World.


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PostSubject: Re: Chaos: Age of Heroes   Sat 18 Jun 2011, 11:14 am

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Chaos: Age of Heroes

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