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 MapleSEA Thoughts

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PostSubject: MapleSEA Thoughts   MapleSEA Thoughts Icon_minitimeWed 30 Mar 2011, 3:57 pm

I've decided that I won't ever go back to MapleSEA again
Unless for Hacking or Fun
MSEA is moving too slowly and soon even BrazilMS is going to catch up
I think most of the AMSes (Asian MS) has BBP and almost ChsP already
Even the old slacking GMS has caught up in the past few years
and I think that Aftershock is a really bad name for a patch
Back to Topic,
MSEA is getting very predictable already due to KMS patch timings
So most likely the "Aftershock" patch will come in...... July the eariest December Latest
ChsP will come in May Next year or November
Unless they follow GMS and do things fast, MSEA will slack.
Another reason why they can't do BBP so fast is because of the economy
The FM prices are very high (as expected from SGians and MYians) due to Kiasu-ness
Unlike MSEA, KMS sells things very cheaply
The most expensive thing i saw in KMS was the CZhelm with Super Epic Proportions and was being sold for 569mil
That wraps up everything


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MapleSEA Thoughts

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