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 Battle Mage & Wild Hunter - Rise Of The Resistance

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PostSubject: Battle Mage & Wild Hunter - Rise Of The Resistance   Sat 08 Jan 2011, 9:53 am

Edelstein is a quiet mining village. The people are prosperous, polite, and peaceful and have a knack for using technology – particularly robots. Indeed, Edelstein was such a calm place that Explorers and Cygnus Knights haven't been there in hundreds of years. Yet Edelstein has a dark secret. Edelstein is where the Black Mage was born.

The town is now the home of the Black Wings, a secret cult dedicated to the resurrection of the Black Mage. They recently came out of hiding and took over Edelstein, oppressing the populace into silence while working hard to resurrect their foul master.

They succeeded.

The Big Bang was the day that the power of the Black Mage touched reality. For a brief instant all of existence…ceased to exist. When it returned, nothing was the same. Even as the citizens of Maple World explore their new reality, the Black Wings of Edelstein continue their dark work.

But the Black Wings' arrogance may yet be their undoing. Deep in the hearts of the down-trodden populace, a flame sparks and the good people of Edelstein think the unthinkable.

They must resist.

The Resistance is the flame in the darkness. They are the rebellion against the Black Wings and they will free their town, no matter the cost. Using new magic and their natural skills, new heroes will join the legends of Maple World to battle the minions of the Black Mage. Hiding as ordinary Edelstein citizens by day, by night a growing legion will band together to overthrow the Black Wings.


The Resistance will find new ways to battle against this world-spanning evil – and they need your help!

• Battle Mage

    Using his staff to beat back the Black Wings, the Battle Mage will be the first into danger, placing himself between his teammates and the forces of darkness.

    - Through the sheer presence of his Aura, the Mage will be able to buff his team in a variety of ways
    - The powerful Battle Mage can deal immense amounts of damage to wipe out multiple mobs at once
    - Consecutive attacks will combine with high HP and an impenetrable defense to make the Battle Mage a mighty force in the face of evil

    The Battle Mage offers a brand new challenge for players looking for their next heroic MapleStory experience!

• Wild Hunter

      Racing through Edelstein on the back of a Jaguar, the Wild Hunter will shoot down her targets with deadly accuracy!

      - An expert markswoman, the Wild Hunter will overwhelm her targets with arrows
      - Knowledgeable in the way of the beasts, the Wild Hunter will have her foes swallowed whole by her loyal Jaguar
      - Faithful to the last, her Jaguar will battle with his master by launching vicious attacks at the enemy with claws and roars

    Capable of moving and attacking while mounted; the Wild Hunter will become by far one of the most versatile character classes in MapleStory and bring an exciting new way to play.


The Black Mage, the darkest evil in Maple World's history has returned! You must confront the Mage's minions as you struggle to save the world in all new quest content.


Discover Edelstein, the home of the Black Mage! Battle the Black Wings and help destroy the infamous cult that resurrected him!


A courageous group of Edelstein freedom fighters have formed a core of resistance against the Black Wings. Can you help them in their struggle? Will you help write the next chapter of MapleStory?

- x3TheAran59 Administrator


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Battle Mage & Wild Hunter - Rise Of The Resistance

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