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 [1.2.304] Item Rating System and More New Items

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PostSubject: [1.2.304] Item Rating System and More New Items   Sat 10 Apr 2010, 3:08 am


This item adds 19 STR and 6 DEX.
Weapon Attack: +141
Physical Defense: +2
Accuracy: +45
(This item can be scrolled multiple times, even if the amount of upgrades is 0!)

This dagger item is classified as ”Rare Item”. It adds 2 STR, 6 DEX and 5 LUK.
+117 Weapon Attack
20 Accuracy and 20 Avoidability.

What is so weird about this? There is an extra line!
This is an item that gives potential abilities.

+8 DEX
+16 Accuracy and +40 HP.

Dual Bladers are gonna be even more powerful. Damn~

1. Item rating system was added.
- All equipment items can now be rated in four ratings, Regular / Rare / Epic / Unique.
- An item with a high rating will have a better bonus option.
- You can use the magnifying glass to find the actual rating on an item with a rating higher than Rare.

2. A new item option was added.
- Potential only applies to items rated Rare or above.

The Potential scroll works like this:

If you have a Potential scroll, you can use it on any equipment item.
This scroll has a 90% success rate, but if it fails, it will break your item!

If you scrolled it successfully then you will see a red outline in the item window. This means that the equipment item is an unconfirmed item. It doesn’t know what kind of rating this item has. (Rare / Epic / Unique)

When the magnifying glass found out the real rating, you can see what kind of item it is and it will add extra random stats.
To find out, you need to buy the new magnifying glasses which you can find in potion shops.

When you bought a magnifying glass, double-click it in your inventory and your cursor will change into a magnifying glass. Use it on the unconfirmed item.
After one second your item will have an item rating along with a few extra random stats (potential abilities). There is a lot of available stats you can get from it, scroll down for more info about it.

If you still don’t understand it, here are two examples.

↑ Unique Item. Potential abilities: +6% DEX and chance of ignoring damage.

Here’s a more specific example.

↑ Rare Item. Potential abilities: +4 attack and +2 DEX.
- You have up to three potentialities per item.

3. Equipment enhancement system was added.
- Equipment items can be further enhanced when the number of upgrades is complete.
- To enhance an equipment item, a scroll for equipment enhancement is required.

You can only use the Equip Enhancement scroll when your item has 0 upgrades left. You can use this scroll as many times you want. The maximum of stars you can get is 10.
Star scrolling is dangerous. As the success of the upgrade increases, the probability of more success decreases.

Since this is a powerful scroll, there is a disadvantage. If this scroll fails, it will 100% break your item.

- The more you enhance, the better your options will be.
- A star shaped symbol in the item window will appear everytime you successfully enhance an item.

4. A part of the tooltip and UI related to item was changed.
- Text in the item window has been aligned to the left.
- The color of the outline in the item window will change depending on the item rating.
- The outline of the icon corresponds to the item rating.

5. New consumable item was added. Merchant shops are selling.

- Magnifying Glass (Low Grade) : Can be used for items Lv. 30 or lower.
- Magnifying Glass (Medium Grade) : Can be used for items Lv. 70 or lower.
- Magnifying Glass (High Grade) : Can be used for items Lv. 120 or lower.
- Magnifying Glass (Super High Grade) : Can be used on every item.

6. New scroll and was added.

- Equipment Enhancement scroll: can only be used on items with an upgrade of 0. This can be used on every equipment item.
- Scroll for Potential : gives regular rated items potential abilities.
- For testing purposes, Mr. Goldstein sells.

Mr. Goldstein sells the Potential scroll for one million meso and the Equipment Enhancement scroll for10,000 meso.
Note: The two new scrolls are NOT Cash Shop items.
If they were meant to be Cash Shop items, they would’ve been in the Cash Shop.

There is a new Cash item, however it’s not on sale yet in Tespia.

Miracle Cube

I believe this Cash item can change or resets the potential abilities of an equipment item.

- x3TheAran59 Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: [1.2.304] Item Rating System and More New Items   Sat 10 Apr 2010, 5:37 am

This is so IMBA!
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[1.2.304] Item Rating System and More New Items

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